A Child

A child, oh, how sweet he was
With chubby, rosy cheeks
Singing and dancing all day long
Even as his runny nose leaks

A cuter sight there never was
In all of gods green land
But woe is me, it had to be
His behavior got out of hand

It bewildered me that such beauty
Could such evil perpetrate
Neither love, nor fear could restrain him
Alas it was too late

His misbehavior knew no bounds
Rumors of his evil did the rounds
He knew not where to draw the line
And worst of all, this child  was mine

I had to put an end to it,
This could go on no longer
If I didn’t deal with the child now
He would get only stronger

I tied him to the lamppost
Laid him out flat
And then, with my ample body
Right on him I sat

Sure enough the life drained out
His shudders confirmed as much
I may have had momentary depression
But no real guilt as such…


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