A Little Information

 ‘Tis not an easy thing
To write a morbid line
The human heart, by nature
Does happiness pine

Yet strangely as always
I find my heart does sit
In relation to normal beings
Firmly opposite

By darkness and misery
And all things scary
My mind is fascinated
When it should feel the contrary

Blood and gore I appreciate
My bloodlust, violence alone can sate
Pray tell, what’s wrong with me
For I let out a contented sigh
When all in the world goes awry
And I witness a killing spree

Now shall be told the story behind
The warped nature of my mind
I shall tell all who wish to know
Why my mind is twisted so

The beginning of this morbid tale
Lies in the midst of the Kashmir vale
Where a man’s eye can at once feast
On both, the beauty and the beast

I walked alone on that fateful day
Unwittingly my feet did stray
I ended up tired and worn
In an unknown place, deserted and forlorn

But even on that deserted road
An evil did my heart forebode
For a foul stench filled my nose
From that cursed ground it arose

It mattered not as much to me
As did my curiosity
For at once I felt the urge to know
What evil lurked in the ground below

Digging with a fervent hand
I dug deeper into the land
Blood and sweat from my body did run
Until at last my task was done

I pulled it out onto the ground
But it made not a single sound
Nor should it have, for it was dead
It was a child’s severed head

Horror smote my very core
Hate poured out of my every pore
Who could do such a heartless thing
On an innocent soul, such torture bring?

It seemed not to me at least
The work of a crazed wild beast
Nay, this bore signs of a cold blooded plan
This was done by none other than man

What manner of ungodly pain
Had molded and shaped his brain
That he began to contemplate
Such unthinkable acts to perpetrate?

While I lay there, in shock, reeling
Suddenly I got the feeling
I was not, as I’d thought, alone
There was someone hiding behind the stone

I ran at once to investigate
And not a single moment too late
For there, in the undergrowth, lay hid
The man who had this evil did

He lay there grinning in the dirt
Still wearing his blood soaked shirt
How low could this man’s soul get?
For he showed not an ounce of regret

He seemed, in fact, in total bliss
As if nothing on earth were amiss
He proudly showed to me the knife
With which he’d took the poor child’s life

I set upon him with all my might
He didn’t seem to put up a fight
By the time all my energy was spent
Limb from limb, his body I’d rent

When his last limb did I tear
I heard a cry of despair
A lady, in obvious strife
Was attempting to take her own life

I ran to her, held her arm
Till she could do no bodily harm
I asked her, “pray ma’am, tell me
What is it that so troubles thee?”

She looked at me with pity and sorrow
For her, she said, there was no tomorrow
For the man I’d sent to the lord above
Was her husband, her one true love

I had robbed her of the one thing
That happiness in her life did bring
“Why, oh, why”, she accosted me
Why did I wreak such misery

“But lady”, I said, quite astonished
For I hadn’t expected to be admonished
“He cut the child’s head to the bone
And buried him beneath that stone”

“Why, you should feel naught but relief
This harbinger of evil and grief
Has finally met his end
His soul to hell did I send.”

A little information is dangerous
This from my elders I’d always heard
But even in my wildest dreams
The answer I got would be absurd

Yet it strangely did ring true
And suddenly it all made sense
My mind reeled with dread when I
Envisaged the consequence

For she proceeded to tell the tale
Of the child’s murder in Kashmir vale
Her voice was numb when she spoke
For her spirit I had broke

She told me fate had played with us
A game most perilous
For who I deemed the enemy
Was in fact the savior of humanity

The man I’d killed was a priest
Violence he liked the least
But he had danced the devils dance
For it was humanity’s only chance

The child who had so touched my heart
Who lay from me, not ten feet apart
Was in fact a lifeless empty soul
Whose body did the devil control

He was the devil, come from hell
To put mankind under his evil spell
But his secret disguise had been found out
By the priest, god’s loyal scout

The priest took upon himself the task
Though for any man, t’was a tough ask
To send the devil back down the road
To hell, his only true abode

It was indeed an almighty fight
One never seen before by mortal sight
Yet the man who had thus succeeded
Now lay dead, while his heart bleeded

The devil may have been sent away
But he’d be back another day
Her husband, on the other hand
Had forever left this sacred land

A moment after she’d told me this
I felt the death angel’s kiss
For the noble priest’s widowed wife
Had in that moment taken her life

I lay there my mind in tumult
I knew not what to do
I had killed my savior
And now his wife too

The guilt was too much to bear
I could take it no longer
For me to survive this ordeal
My will had to be much stronger

But it wasn’t as fate would have it
My will was frail and weak
I slit my throat, then and there
Never again did I speak.


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