A steed he was, noble and great
We knew him not, yet we knew him well
Fate had blessed us with his presence
Why we deserved him, none can tell

Majestic in every step he took
And not one foot did he ever put wrong
No man can describe his value
Through oratory or through song

Descended he must be from royal lines
Yet he would never let you know
But an aura he carried quietly with him
And your respect for him would only grow

Ancient and wise he grew to be
Yet never his strength diminished
He walked ever, strong and proud
Until his time on earth was finished

We rode on him, an honor it was
An experience to remember, that he ensured
To even the most unskilled rider
A smooth ride was assured

It mattered not who needed his help
It mattered not who held the reigns
He was in control, he guided you
While exhilaration coursed through your veins

A simple act of riding a horse
Made to feel like an act of nobility
For we were merely the passengers
Witness to his awe inspiring abilities

Age seemed to affect him not
As it affected a common man
Nor should it have for he was Billu
The greatest steed that ever ran

His hair grew long, flowing free
Rivaling tales of Rapunzel
When he flew, it flew with him
And with his light footfall, it also fell

He was considered the best
By young and old, by one and all
Blessed was considered the ground
Where his holy foot would fall

His own breed would fall in step
Not daring to disrespect his grace
Wherever he went, they followed suit
In the kingdom of steeds, they knew their place

From Zanskar, they say, his origins are
Yet I feel strangely in my heart
He came not from a place known to us
But a world from ours apart

For no equal in twenty years
Of strength and grace have I seen
He stood alone on a pedestal
Erect and proud, as he’s ever been

He must have tired of normalcy
For he has decided to move on
As a result, from our midst
His reassuring presence is now gone

We cannot follow, we don’t deserve to
We must be content with our life
And remember that for thirty years
He was here to ease our strife

I pay respect, meaningless though it may be
To the horse that we all love
Absent he is from this world
I’ll look for him when I go up above.


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