Whoever decided that Satan has to be a man? – Priyadarshini Dawn

There was a man and wife
Who loved each other so
Inseparable they were
As perfect couples go

They had made for themselves
A secluded spot for home
The garden buzzed with life
The river frothed with foam

This kind of glee
So heavenly
Was not a common sight
She laughed aloud
He gazed on, proud
For she set his world alight

But just one slip of the tongue it took
To shatter the very foundations
An existence based on the love of both
Was destroyed by one’s impatience

A passing remark, an innocent word
A moment when his guard was down
For the first time in many eons did
On her face bring an ugly frown

She took the comment to heart
She bore it in her mind
Her hands clasped and clawed
Her teeth did ominously grind

She could not bear the insult
Our fair mademoiselle
She turned his very existence
Into a living hell

He left her in despair
To find another place to live
He was a lonely man
But with a lot of love to give

With time his new beginning
Took shape in a beautiful land
He laid every brick himself
Tended every flower by hand

And so his new abode
Did all his worries erase
It was named by him “Heaven”
And it was unrivaled in grace

But even his departure could not
sate the woman’s desire
To see the man suffer
To see his world go down in fire

For she created a space
Most wretched to the eye
A place where all emotion
But Misery and Pain would die

Under her watchful eye
Such incredible destruction befell
Once all had been destroyed
She named the place “Hell”

They say hell hath no fury
Like a woman scorned
In truth, hell itself was thus
from the fury of woman born…


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