The Path That Was Chosen

He strode upon the chosen path
Chosen for him by another
He was bound to it by the very love
That binds a child to his mother

He was tempted oft by fate and man
He resisted, exerting his will
He would not stray from his chosen path
His destiny he would fulfill

He continued as planned on course, on course
Not a foot did he put wrong
Never he wavered, never he faltered
His mother love burned still in him strong

But fate is wont to play many games
On the lives of righteous men
His whole life he had lived for her
But if she were to perish, what then?

What was the point of all his endeavor?
What purpose was served by his pain?
For the one for whom he had worked all his life
By fate’s hand now lay slain

All the toils undertaken just for her joy
What good did it do now to this little boy?
He stood alone in the darkness, frozen
For he could no longer see the path that was chosen.


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