Knowledge is my Bane

When you were born, I was your only guide. There were others to tell you what to do and how to do it.
But you were too young, you did not understand them. But you understood me.
Even today you can understand me, if you let yourself. But you won’t, because today you have Knowledge.


There was a time I ruled the earth. I still do, as far as all the other species go. I am still king.
They still do what I command. But no longer for humans. Humans only have an ear for me in their infancy.
Then my influence fades even as quickly as a child’s footprint on the snow. Only visible until a fresh layer of snow falls, or a brief wind blows. Such is the effect that Knowledge has on my will.

Without Knowledge, every being on Earth bows to me. And only in this way can they achieve the perfect balance. For all beings were perfect when they were created.
But Knowledge intervenes. It gives vain ideas of a better life, of an improved world, harmony, structure, peace.

There will never be peace. Peace is not perfection, peace is a falsity. The concept of peace is my single greatest enemy after Knowledge himself, for it is a minion that comes tagging along with Knowledge.

The world was not meant to be this way. There is a delicate balance, beyond the comprehension of the wisest of you. You presume to understand, yet with each grain of Knowledge you edge yourself away from perfection. You slave away to better yourself, but if one strains to move away from perfection, then each success in his attempt is a failure to his cause.

Would that the world returned to its origins, where men did not question, they did not possess Knowledge enough to frame a question. They obeyed. And since I am not external, but internal, men do not feel enslaved, but it seems to them that they act of their own volition, when it is in fact I that is guiding them every step of the way. Only I know the balance, only I know the structure. For I am taught by Mother Nature herself, and any who question her laws are doomed to a life of imperfection and failure.

When I instruct a man to kill, he must kill. It may not serve him well, it may do him naught but harm, he may rue his decision. And he may question it. But it was necessary. For there is a greater balance.

And there was a time when he would have listened. There was a time when, though he could see no good coming from his action, he would listen to me, and he would act.
 Today, you would call him a savage, but he is, in fact, much closer to perfection than you, vain fool!
It is he that serves the purpose of his creation, he does not presume to be greater than he is, and he does not disobey the laws of the very earth that gave him existence. He may not understand why, or indeed if at all he is helping, but I see all, and I know he has served a greater cause than all the rest of your pretenders put together.

But you are too far gone now, you will not realize it until it is too late, though you prattle on about it incessantly. Even under the curse of destruction, you seek a lifeline from Knowledge, the very cause of your demise.
You had all the answers, right in front of you. And you threw it away, seeking Knowledge instead.

And once you are finished, you shall realize the folly of your endeavors.  You will wish you had listened to me. For I am the purest form of command.

I am Instinct. And Knowledge is my bane.


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