Men are strong, men protect
Men have ruled since life began
But where was all their majesty
When Hypatia’s blood freely ran?

Whence came their fear, their jealousy
Their slanderous, deceitful game
She was the Greatest woman who ever lived
And through mud they dragged her name

She stepped onto his territory
And excelled far more than he
Her quest was only to seek the truth
And they blamed her of blasphemy

They did not seek to answer her
Or prove her endeavors mistaken
They chose instead the coward’s path
And thus it was, her life was taken

They roused a mob most ignorant
They filled their heads with lies
In God’s name did they lift the sword
And God did sympathize

They chased her down, they tied her up
And flayed her stone by stone
Till all that was left of the Great One
Was blood and broken bone

Her work unlearned, her writings burned
They destroyed all she had done
Chaos created, their bloodlust sated
Back to their churches they run


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