NH 7 Weekend

I walked the street alone at dawn
Gazing at the rising sun
When on my way i did see
A vehicular catastrophe

Drunken men did the car drive
On drunks does this vile city thrive
And inebriated driving leads to only death
And so the fools took their last breath

Their blood lay dripping on the road
Their guts had outwards blown their load
I pranced around the carcasses strewn
In a fancy Rigadoon

The blood crept under the soles of my feet
Fall i did, and foreign blood eat
It didnt taste vile though it was no gourmet
I could still smell though, the body’s decay

I walked on and encountered our watchman
The man whose width did the entire gateway span
Face drenched with blood he spotted, horrified,
There was no way he was gonna let me inside

I returned alone as i had begun
Hunger, starvation and the crippling sun
I had no choice but to go back and eat
pungent blood poured on human meat

And once i had devoured my meal
I came at once to tell you the real
Even if it is quite gory


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