Poem About Nothing

I wrote a new poem today
With nothing much to really say
I’m just filling up the page
To feel I’ve earned my daily wage

I now have written a paragraph
Without saying much at all
I hope with clever play on words
The audience’s impatience to stall

You still keep reading even though
I tell you there’s nothing to read below
This is the trick I try to master
At the risk of complete disaster

For if you haven’t read this far
This poem I write has no cause
I write only to please myself
But i do crave your applause

Still you read, ah, lucky me!
You are of an angelic mind
To please you further I shall try
Another paragraph to grind

But wordplay too has its limits
I cannot write forever after
The applause you give so graciously
May soon turn to mocking laughter

But I’ll take myself to the brink
With a cheeky grin and a sly wink
If there is even the faintest hope
Of you treading this slippery slope

For if I succeed, I have attained
That which genius never gained
Credit received for no work done
I guess that makes me a Kardashian


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