Ode to Sohit

An amiable watchman awaits me
Though he lies in slumberous depths
His demeanor is always positive
And his job is to prevent thefts

A large man of twenty-four he is
Yet harmless as a baby seal
His rear end is so silky smooth
It adds to his sex appeal

Great writers have attempted to describe him
Dickens, and before him, Moses
But describing a Nepali man
Various difficulties poses

First of all they all look alike
You cannot tell girl from guy
And secondly, they have an innocence
That money just cannot buy

Their cooking stands a class apart
My palate it does enthrall
I only wish they didn’t go around
scratching their balls

They’re quick to catch melodies
On their strings of heavenly bliss
But they don’t receive hints so well
I practically begged him for a kiss

So if any day you need a guy
To make you feel just swell
Look for the watchman roaming the streets
Shouting “All is well, All is well.”


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