Standing amidst chaos
Alone in a crowd
The noise does my discomfiture
In darkness shroud

All revel in dance and rhythm
None pay a mind
To the lonely giant
Abomination to mankind

Lights flash in a dizzy haze
I watch on in dull amaze
As one and all sway united

The beat smites my very core
Sweat drips from every pore
But no spark in me is ignited

But am I right and they wrong
Or is the opposite true
Am I so thick skinned that
Their wondrous beat permeates not through?

Or is it that my life’s meaning
Does not in this world find its place
Do I find true happiness
In morbidity’s menacing face

Do I need the grisly truth
Thrust in front of my blank eyes
Does the joy of the one
Depend on the other’s demise

As with all the queries I face
This question too has no answer
I tarry through life pondering
And my doubts spread like cancer


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