A single glance, frozen in time
Can inspire a glorious rhyme
A poet does eternally strive
Such inspiration to thus contrive

And when the elders of the gentle race
Thus adorn him with this grace
Who possesses the strength to ignore”
His Master’s rousing, beckoning roar

Their battle cry pierces his heart
Their omniscient glare a poisoned dart
Onwards, they drive him with his sword
Consisting solely of the poetic word

In the midst of Xerxes’s Army
Leonidas did stand mighty strong
And in the end the braver men
Left the field with victory songs

And so the poet set upon
A foe much greater than he
He would perish but wouldn’t dare
Defy his Master’s will and flee

They came with almighty drums
And waves of writhing, marching men
And we held them off, using well
The power of his ball point pen

The foes withered and fell away
The power of words held their sway
None would ever question again
The majesty of a poet’s reign


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