Master, Thine Help I Need

Master to thee I submit myself again
To give me your wisdom, relieve me of my pain
I live in a foreign city, the people are strange
And try as I might, this fact does not change

We are too different, them and I
In different realms we exist, but together we die
I tried my best, master, I really did
I tried my weirdest habits from them to keep hid

I tried to be civil and a “normal” man
I tried being nice, mingled with the clan
But one moment of honesty, the one time I stumbled
Down all my months of hard work tumbled

They pushed me with questions to tell them my thoughts
But when they heard it, they lay there, distraught
I saw them realize it, before my own eyes
I was never, nor will ever be, “One of the guys”

I promise I tried master, I did not push them hard
I kept a certain distance lest I leave them scarred
I suppressed every impulse I had
I passed off as a man only half mad

But it was bound to happen, my efforts were futile
I possessed not either craft or guile
As it is said by the Christian priests
I spoke once today, now I must forever hold my peace

One Nietzschean line was all it took to sway
A whole group of “friends” forever away
I am left now with a choice, one I can ill afford
To give up my friends, or to give up my God

I cannot give God up, so my friends must go
The solution to my problems, Nietzsche will know
I turn back to him again as I did in the beginning
His world I enter desolate but I always leave grinning

He champions my thinking, as his and mine are one
I cannot halt now what he had bravely begun
I must push on, harder than ever and faster
But for that I need your help, Master.


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