I Am Mighty

(parts of this poem have been inspired by the poetry of Snigdha Sengupta)

I fly away 
On new year’s day
Looking back upon
Christmas morn

An underwhelming week
A future bleak
This new year
Holds much to fear

But fear is not an emotion I deign to feel
My mind does sturdy stand where a weakling’s reels
For fear lays, smog like, upon the earth and sea
But I, creature of the air, fly over it blithely

Scornful I laugh at the meagre woes
Their perceived highs and their malignant lows
Their mightiest being at his loftiest height 
Would still be beneath me on my lowest night

Such a creature am I, eagle of the skies
To me nature bows, to me fate complies
Dare not thee offend me, for my wrath once incurred
Would leave your vividest utopia most terribly blurred


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