Mediocrity, I welcome You open armed
I begrudge Thee not the lives You’ve harmed
‘Twas but a matter of time before You would reach
A different mind and to it uniformity teach

I thought myself above You, high horsed I sat
And fantastical ideas of Utopias begat
And then came You, a reality tidal wave
And sent my fantasies tumbling to their rightful grave

My bubbles burst, I sat gaping into space
The tortoise victorious, the hare had lost the race
Intelligence, you said, is always subordinate to mediocrity
Right You were, Master, for in numbers lies mastery

Let us ignore the plight of all of humankind
And take care with empty words to soothe their empty minds
You told me they didn’t need warmth, just the idea of the sun
Right You were, Master, Thy will be done

Let us tell them of a world beyond our pitiful lives
Where power fails and sympathy and compassion thrives
A world where evil does not pay and the good reap rewards
Oh, what fun! Let’s make for them imaginary Gods

They are mediocre, so am I
And to the will of the masses we shall comply
Majority wins, minority loses
Democracy  is great, Anarchy abuses

What knoweth that fool, Friedrich Nietzsche was mad
He aimed for the will to power, and lost what senses he had
We must learn from history, one who rises too high
Is gnawed down by the masses and is left there to die

So follow we must, as sheep in the herd
No matter how farcical, no matter how absurd
We think not for ourselves, and we all move as one
Right you were, Master, Thy will be done

And so to the “greater good,” Master, I submit my will
 I shall do as You have told me, and then forever lie still


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