Blasphemy and Co.

Two people met and conversed on a wide variety of things
Seeking the pleasure that only stimulating discussion brings
They talked of poetry, music and art
And all the things that touch the heart
And the world reverberated with their exalted musings

And in this nonchalant manner they stumbled upon a thought
An answer to a riddle that both man and God long sought
My word, they had some gall
To thus effortlessly recall
The secrets of the universe and the consequences it brought

It was not fathomable how it came to be these two
Who unlocked the very cosmos in their casual rendezvous
For they were ordinary
And the prospect is scary
If normal folk begin divine machinations to construe

Their conversation into humorous territory ranged
But all of a sudden, its tonality changed
The one had a vision
About his religion
And the other brought to his notice something very strange

They realized a connection between cultures that span
From this modern day way back to the primitive man
The cultures thus connected
Henceforth they dissected
The inner workings of this Master Plan

In discussing Zeus, they hit upon his need
To fertilize women with his endless seed
But then we saw
The fatal flaw
That the Thunder God had missed in his greed

Mortal women, when thus defiled, become pregnant
But they can’t do much to solve their predicament
They can only weep and mourn
As the unplanned child is born
And do what they can with this offspring Godsent

But if a Goddess were to suffer a similar fate
She would not be content to be merely irate
She possesses the tools
To punish the fool
Who dared a Goddess to impregnate

Oblivous to this, Zeus committed this very act
And left the Goddess seething at his lack of tact
She seethed with Rage
And pledged carnage
And to this day she seeks the fulfillment of her pact

But Zeus saw the signs and promptly fled the scene
He left no clues as to where he was or where he had ever been
He had a plan
And so he ran
To a refuge hidden in the hills where he could no longer be seen

Now Goddess searched high and wide, under brush and over trees
She would not heed remonstrations nor be swayed by pathetic pleas
And Zeus knew
She’d beat him black and blue
And not rest till the mighty God was brought begging to his knees

So he gave up Olympus, and he gave up his old name
He gave up his kingdom but he still craved the fame
So the sneaky fella
Called himself Allah
And started anew with the Goddess this cat and mouse game

He published under his penname a supposed Holy Book
He told us all he could not be found no matter how hard we look
For as is the norm
God has no form
And thus the quest to find him was at long last forsook

He now lives in peace, though he does find himself alone
While the Goddess lives only in idols made of stone
But her temper is still fierce
After all these years
Her anger cooleth not, in fact, it’s heat has grown

And now these two mortals have stumbled upon his guise
But if the secret comes out, they will have to pay the price
For though Zeus lies hidden
He may come unbidden
And avenge the squealers, for betrayal is a deadly vice

So Snigdha and Usman take this secret to their grave
It would be idiocy for mortals the fury of Zeus to brave
Their mouth stays shut
Stuck in the rut
To the end of times, to their own fears, the duo remains a slave


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