Off The Brink

The call has ended, the words are said
I stand dumbfounded, my world collapses
My heart aflutter, my tears run red
In contemplation,  eternity elapses

Maternal love and Divine belief
Destroys all pleasure before my eyes
The soul thus burdened, seeking relief
Knows no other recourse, it cries

The abyss open armed invites
It sets no conditions on its love
It promises no lofty flights
No hell below, nor heaven above

Fate too, throws her hat in the ring
Serenading the beauty of my crime
As I hesitate, I hear her sing
“This could be the last time”

A step forward, and I’m on the edge
Adrenaline races through my veins
Death, as is Its privilege
Dismisses me, and takes the reins

Just as I reach out to greet
Oblivion, Death bids me, “Think,
Are not you succumbing to defeat
By accompanying me off this brink?”

Wisdom, through chaos, shines forth at last
Sweet wisdom, where had you gone?
I step back inside, the moment has passed
A broken man, yes, but I live on


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