Oedipus was from Stockholm

Introductory notes

Oedipus complex: According to Sigmund Freud, every child (in this case I deal with only the male child) posesses an innate complex because of which the child feels sexually attracted to his mother. The mind, in most cases, succeeds in repressing it and later dealing with it in other ways (identification and emulation of paternal traits), however,  in the primary stages, it is nevertheless manifest.

Stockholm syndrome: Also known as trauma bonding, stockholm syndrome is a psychological phenomena which causes the victim of a hostage situation to express empathy, sympathy, positive feelings or even love towards one’s captor. There are other causes or cases, too, but this particular type is of relevance.

———– ———– ———– ———– ———– ———–

Now, then, the Oedipus complex is innate in all of us. If so, whence does it come? I believe the answer has today been unlocked. And here, free of charge, it shall be revealed to you in the name of science. Imagine yourself waking up suddenly in a prison. You dont remember anything before this, this prison is all you know.

All around you loud noises, white noise they call it in the world outside. But you know no fancy lingo, you know no lingo at all. You cannot speak, comprehend, or indeed form any coherent thoughts. All you see is red walls, moving, pulsing, throbbing.  Sounds that should scare you, but instead they soothe you. Weirdly, you feel one with them. As if your very existence had been initiated right here, attached by the navel to this strange contraption. It is all very comfortable and nice. But you want more. You are human, you want your freedom.

You kick out. No cigar. The fortress is so impenetrable,  they didn’t feel the need to leave guards. You rest, once in a while kicking out in frustration,  but otherwise silent. You brood in anger. This is kidnapping. This is solitary confinement. Are you to endure this forever? What fate worse than this? Thus are your thoughts in the beginning.

 But gradually, unnoticeably, a change begins to occur within you. You begin to identify yourself with the prison. You begin to understand it. A primal sort of understanding that you yourself cannot understand. But you understand this much, you love it. Whatever this entity is, whatever its reasons for keeping you in captivity, all that is irrelevant. You love your captor. Not just any old love either. One of longing. Not platonic, quite the opposite. You thirst for it, and while it is around you, you are in heaven. Bliss knows no bounds. Such pleasures are only sung about in dreamy songs by dreamier poets. (Stockholm syndrome)

But whats this,  your own private pool begins to drain. Your whole world thrown into turmoil. You begin to feel the walls contract around you. You are being evicted!  The fall of man all over again. Paradise was yours and now it is yours no longer. But this time the fault was not yours. You did not eat of the forbidden tree. Who then, was punishing you, and for what?

 Life was punishing you. And life never needs a reason to.

Suddenly you find yourself in a hideously brightly lit world. You hear shrieks of all pitches. You cannot understand what is happening. All you want is to go back. Back to paradise. The creature, clad all in white, strikes you sharply. Such pain you have never known before. You cry out in anguish. Anguish of the physical pain mingled with your grief at being forced from your former place into this horrid existence.  Despair threatens to rend your vocal chords from your throat. Amongst all this chaos, you hear a sweet voice ring out. Sweeter than any melody you will ever know. You feel two arms welcome you within their grasp. They are not brutal on you, like the man in white. They are soft, gentle, tender. Such care you recognize immediately.  It is her. Your captor. All your feelings of love, lust, passion, rush forth until you are drained. Drained of all energy. You fall asleep to her singing, lilting tone, clinging to her for dear life. She is all you will ever love. (Oedipus complex)

When you grow up, you will hide it. It is considered shameful. Taboo. You will suppress it. People will give it funny names, oedipus complex they will call it. They’ll scoff at it. Call it disgusting, disturbing, gross even. But each of them have felt it too. It resides in every one. Oedipus complex borne out of stockholm syndrome.

Abnormal, say they?

If she be not fair for me
What care I how fair she be?


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