Man and Cockroach

A man was once unduly accosted
By some cockroaches in human form
His words had their cool shell defrosted
And they rose together, in an angry swarm

A flood of words and outrage reigned
“How dare this human wield his Truth!”
Their countenance withered, expression pained
They railed against his injustice, forsooth!

“T’is true we survived the meteor
But we are yet roaches, let us be
Truth brings out our very deepest fear
Strike us not with thine minstrelsy”

But humans are eternally proud creatures
Condescension is their forte
Bovarism reigns supreme amongst their features
And elegant, witty repartee

“Should I let them crawl,” thought he
“They are, after all, just roaches
Nay, I’ll turn my wrath upon thee
Look, roach! Day of judgement approaches!

I am the court, the Justice Supreme
I will hold the Spanish Inquisition
Blink not, this is no evil dream
This is your demolition

Write, if you can, words this fair
Or else speak not of originality
Crawl back to your sewers in despair
I am a poet, and this is poetry


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