The Earth’s poles may make a handsome pair
But they’re destined for separation from the start
Their unity results only in widespread despair
Harmony exists only when they’re apart

God, Fate, Nature, all to me seem to say
Your story will end in naught but tears
For I am the night, and you the day
We are opposing hemispheres

Let us attain the heights that we can
Let us on our individual lives embark
Let us remember this day, when we began
Our orbit, albeit in separate arcs

I cannot be altered, this alone I must be
And I would never wish for you to change
I have my wings too, let my fly free
I must find mine, and you your range

Onwards, my friend, scale your peaks
And know that I’ll always pray for you;
To you not my brain, but my heart speaks
And with these words, it bids thee a fond adieu


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