Idle Time

Studio order line, would you like to place an order?
I am unable to hear you, maam, please speak a little louder
Have you shopped with Studio or Ace before?
I’m sorry, we don’t take payments over the phone anymore

You misplaced your account number, may I take your postcode please?
You live offshore, you will have to pay an offshore carriage fees
May I have your address and full name for confirmation
Thank you, Mrs Smith, for the information

Now, Mrs. Smith, may I take the first item number
This item will be delivered by the 26th of December
The next item you ordered is a clutch bag with flip lock
I’m terribly sorry, the item is temporarily out of stock

Is that all? Well, before you go, may I say
We have some special offers for you today
We have a pack of twenty batteries for two pounds ninety nine
Shall I order five packs for you? Not interested? That’s fine.

We also have a superbike turnover calender for you
And one last question before I send your order through
Would you be interested in a further 10% discount
It will cost you forty pence per week on your account

Not interested again, Mrs Smith? That’s fine
Thank you for calling Studio order line


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