I listened as the orator spoke
Words of faith, wrath and fury
Of lies and deceit, fire and smoke
Whatever worked to sway the jury

I watched as the mindless millions marched
Protesting causes they never knew
Shrieking slogans from throats parched
Sweeping briskly aside the silent few

I wept as the Wisdom House’s pages
To crisp ashes were nonchalantly burnt
Guitars may have wept through the ages
But Mankind’s lessons were never learnt

I seethed as I witnessed ignorance en masse
Comfortably residing in both pupil and master
If this was the state of the educated class
Our kind was fated, surely, only for disaster?

I listened, I watched, I wept, I seethed,
Silent I pleaded, I hoped and I prayed
But putrescent was now the air I breathed
My senses revolted and beat a retreat dismayed

Branded into my heart those words shine bright
I alone could cure this malaise of violence
But I possess not weapons for this sort of fight
I possess only brains, and so am condemned to silence


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