The Birth of a Cynic

Dark days, dark deeds, dark destinies, descend!
He has seen much light, pay him back his dividend
What! Lookst thou for meaning in thine meek life?
Seek out his light, bring it to an untimely end
Thus, and only thus, may man life comprehend!

Light memories, light passions, light dreams, abate!
He has seen much light, let him now dark contemplate
What! Thinkest thou deeds are rewarded in just measure?
Seek out his brightness, My Divine bloodlust satiate
He is no cynic yet! Introduce him to the cruelty of Fate.

Extinguish, exterminate, obliterate his bliss
Things that went well shall now all go amiss
What! Dreamest thou that goodness overcometh grief?
Seek out his radiance, Lucifer, My faithful accomplice,
Let him not love again till he has felt Death’s kiss.


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