I Am Within Myself a World

I am within Myself a world
The rest, they are mere satellites
Orbiting round Me in intimate swirl;
I am the dark iris, they the white;

I am salvation, the perfect particle,
I am a masterpiece complete;
I am nirvana, the finished article
Creation of manna and conceit;

I possess all, and everything through Me
Becomes more than it was meant to be;
I prithee, do not misconstrue Me
I claim nothing less than divinity;

Insignificant is Existence,
Absurd is Life,
Futile is Resistance,
Friend is Strife;

Foam against me, froth against me,
Powerless waves of masses thee!
Splash against me, crash against me
I am the immovable entity;

Upon your limited horizons gape,
Do you see that massive shadow loom?
‘Tis Me, the Man amongst thee apes,
I am the herald of your doom.


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