Yesterday a Child Dropped Dead

Yesterday a child dropped dead
With grim intent had I killed her
I laughed as Death’s spirit filled her
Her final draught of poison fed
I lay her lifeless in her bed

Against my conscientious lance
Her frailty crumbled in despair
She collapsed, broken beyond repair
And though you look at me askance
I’d do it again if I had the chance

Innocence, for that was her name
(The child who lay, lifeblood drained)
Was lost, but much was gained
Life was now no longer the same
What went before was insipid, tame

You ask why I am filled with glee?
Why, at the death of this blameless child
Do my cheeks flush red, eyes glimmer wild?
I celebrate, friends, for I am now set free
I have killed the child inside of me


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