The Laughing Angel and I

Lilting, laughing angel, it is so easy for you to smile
Rest your wings a moment, walk in my shoes for a while
Tell me then that the world is still a friendly place
Tell me then that man is still the embodiment of grace

Lilting, laughing angel, proponent of glee
Flutter back to heaven, your place is not with me
Fear may not be as scary to you from your lofty seat
Nor woe inescapable, nor inevitable defeat

Lilting, laughing angel, do you laugh at my concerns?
Do the fires of chaos in Heaven less fiercely burn?
Descend for once to my world and live it as I do
And tell me all that worries me does not worry you

Lilting, laughing angel, sweet melody for a voice
Show me another way, provide me with a choice
Show me I am irrational, let me the sunlight see
Show me just this, angel, and I’ll gladly follow thee


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