A Benediction

May the droplets of dew that aesthetically adorn
The orange hued sun rays that shine through the morn
Refract through the glistening moistness of dew
And shower rainbow upon rainbow on you

May the breeze that condenses the vaporous air
Add a glow to your fairness and a sheen to your hair
May the silence punctuated only by the cuckoo’s call
Bring you the wisdom of Angels and virtue of Parsifal

May the clouds that your countenance discover
Protect thine fairness as they hesitant hover
From the harshness of heat and the power of fire
From the sufferings of grief and unfulfilled desires

May the leaves on the trees that eternally surround us
Rustle sweet melodies that eternally confound us
May the grass ‘neath your feet caress your delicate heel
That it never lose its softness nor its visual appeal

May all of Nature, whose fury no being can tame
Bow down in subjection to the sound of your name
May all the universe combine to right all your wrongs
That your lips are never found to be bereft of songs

All this and more I do wish thee every day
Who ever exudes compassion and over goodness holds sway


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