I learn, I learn, again I learn
How Man’s mind works
How the world burns
How danger lurks
How fortune turns

I see, I see, again I see
History itself repeating
Carnage wrought with glee
Moral virtues depleting
Despite divine decree

I hear, I hear, again I hear
The laments of misery
The groan of fear
The beast set free
The despairing tear
Of lunacy

I feel, I feel, again I feel
Crumbling earth beneath my feet
Pillars falling upon themselves
Litter flooding every street
Books unread upon the shelves
Sanity in hasty retreat

I breathe, I breathe, why do I breathe
What possible use am I to you
Am I to only rage and seethe
Until I have suffered my due
And then to decay beneath
And add to this wretched residue?

If my purpose is not for me to discern,
What care I who lives and who burns?


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