When You Crumble Into Eternity

Luck glimmers, then swift expires
Life blazes, then fate conspires
And each of us on our merry way

Who can tell what fate befell
Adam, was Earth his heaven or hell?
‘Tis obscure till this very day

He was the very first of men
A wealthy, worthy citizen
And he committed the gravest folly

He fell prey to curiosity’s curse
And lo! In manners most diverse
Exposed his kind to melancholy

He taught us shame and fear and guilt
The foundations on which faith is built
He tainted our Eden forevermore

And now he sleeps in grim repose
Bereft of the life that he chose
To surrender to fork tongued lore

But criminal he, he the fiend uncouth!
The burden that we could do without
Why associate us with his wretched name?

He the rascal, he the snob
The gullible, ignorant slob
Why should we, then, take the blame?

Cast him off, he is not our father
Not our origin, conversely, rather,
He probably never lived at all

Mankind must have invented him
To bridge over the interim
Betwixt his Eden and his fall

He is a chain in fair disguise
A noose designed for our demise
A death trap lying hidden in our tracks

Cast off at once this moral burden
Celebrate life, exalt the uncertain
Let the wings sprout from our backs

Fly amongst the heady, wafting clouds
Break through the all smothering shrouds
Of love, of life, of expectations

Seek out nature in its fury
Let it be judge and it jury
Glory in its devastations

And when, at last, it comes to be
That you crumble into eternity
And your life-wave nears its final crest

You will be glad that day, I’m sure
That you were neither gentle nor demure
But stormed through life like a tempest


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