If Mind is all, is Libido dead?
What happens when grey conquers red?
What is common between what Buddha,
Christ, Mani, Zoroaster and Dionysius said?

Is the world irrational? And what then, if so?
How, then, do we know what we always know?
Is there a second deity aloof from all our worship?
And if there is, which reigns above and which below?

Are we a microcosm of God, or are we really there at all?
Are we truly existent, or flawed mimics of Parsifal?
Do we worship God, and does he repay us by possession?
Who exists above reality to verify what we befall?

Are there amongst us Friends of God? Kyklopes?
The third eye, does it dictate when Time stops?
Has the Empire ended, or was it merely asleep?
If the seed was planted then, who harvests the crops?

If the world is irrational, then the Deity is too.
Reality is a joke, empiricism is untrue.
There is no sanity, insanity, knowledge or purpose.
There is only a fabric, shredded right through.

Are we ever to emerge from our Chrysalis?
Is there an escape from our primordial chalice?
We shall never know, we malfunctioning subcircuits.
We are mere neural flashes, all slaves to VALIS.


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