My brain has denied me tranquillity,
When life finally seeks to put me at ease,
The brain regurgitates,
And vividly recreates,
Memories that send me back to my knees

My community has denied me fraternity,
When I gaze upon my so called brothers,
I see only sheep, thronging,
And now I gaze with longing
Upon the eras lived in by all the others.

My country has denied me poetry,
In denying me forever autumn and spring,
Inspiration by weather
Is now on half tether,
And any mention of it bears a false ring.

My species has denied me catharsis,
Acts which would set any sane mind reeling
Tortures, murders, genocides,
Trafficking, mass suicides,
Leave me completely bereft of feeling.

Nature has denied me Divinity,
In debunking myths with ruthless incivility,
It has shown life to be pathetic,
Merely a phenomena aesthetic
And run me pell-mell into nihility.


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