Ode to a Night-in-gale

Blustery, billowy, howled the cruel winds;
A shower advances, then reconsiders, rescinds;
Depth perception suddenly gone all awry,
We are trapped! The mimic, a Night and I.
We need nourishing, victuals, food,
To combat the abyss and its darkened brood;
“Fear not!” spake Demi-God, “I’ll cook some chicken fry,
Then we can eat our fill, the Mimic, a Night and I.”

And so off he went on his uber-heroic task,
Donning always his ultra-violet protective mask,
“I dare both Fate and Common Sense to defy,
Just so we can eat, the Mimic, a Night and I.”
But Fate allows not rebellion to its tyranny.
It stole through the night and drained all the honey.
“Hades curse thee, thief, may your blood curdle dry!
What now shall we eat, the Mimic, a Night and I?”

Silence reigned supreme, not a whimper came forth
From the winds, the rains, the thunder or the Earth;
“May the Gods have mercy, oblivion draws nigh;
This must be the end of the Mimic, a Night and I.”
Just then a wraith descended from the chaos of clouds,
Wailing laments as heart rending as they were loud.
“Revel, now, Demi-God, revel in this bestial gore
Hear me, and hear me well. Thou shalt starve, nevermore!

But smile not yet, beautiful friend, one more rule must thou descry.
Only you may eat these prawns. The Mimic and a Night must die.”


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