An Update to my Master

A kingly feast, a friendly beast,

A concert I will not forget
Companionship, Barbecue cheese dip
As good as life will get

Durga Puja ended today
Tomorrow they drown their God
In  a river full of filth and slime
While they themselves are jewel shod

They pose, they smile, Quite infantile
Their attempts at merrymaking
Their smiles are fake, the strain does take
Their jaws past the point of breaking

Confused, forlorn, I stand alone
In the midst of this festival gay
Wry is my smile, on the miracle mile
I stand amongst them, yet far away

Disenchantment in me was rife
What good is gaiety amongst an ocean of strife
He who dares claim to have attained inner peace
His toxic lies do noxious fumes release

But post 9 pm my outlook changed
The creases left my strained brow
All it took to lighten the load
Was the underside of one dead cow.


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